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Let's just pretend we won the most recent Powerball. Somewhere around $400M. Hell, let's just say it is ONLY $100M. What would you do?

My brain argues with itself all the time about this. And it always comes down to two homes:

Many of you will be surprised to know that we have lived without AC for many years. In the tropics? Are you insane? The answers are yes, in the tropics, and I refuse to answer the other question, you can make your own judgment on that.

No, I am not referring to the election, even if the title is appropriate for many of the islands residents.

St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Leaving the Virgin Islands. It pains me to even say these words. But they don't likely mean what you think they mean. When I say "leaving the Virgin Islands", I am referring to a vacation or short visit elsewhere.

September 08, 1991. That is when I first set foot on the island of St. Thomas. I had purchased an open ended ticket on Pan Am Airlines, expecting to spend a season on the island of St.