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Pistarckle Summer Schedule

CAMP #1:

Getting Sick in the VI

Look, it happens everywhere. People get sick. And it appears to be more common around this time of year. But why would this happen in the VI, when we have a tropical climate year around?

The Nicest of Nice

St. Thomas Real Estate

Let's just pretend we won the most recent Powerball. Somewhere around $400M. Hell, let's just say it is ONLY $100M. What would you do?

My brain argues with itself all the time about this. And it always comes down to two homes:

Air Conditioning

Many of you will be surprised to know that we have lived without AC for many years. In the tropics? Are you insane? The answers are yes, in the tropics, and I refuse to answer the other question, you can make your own judgment on that.

Some Sad Times in St. Thomas

No, I am not referring to the election, even if the title is appropriate for many of the islands residents.