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Rosy Real Estate Market Rises in VI Recovery

The Virgin Islands real estate sales market is healthy and back to normal after taking a temporary hit from the 2017 hurricanes. That’s the word from several industry veterans, across the territory.

St. John Carnival Guide

Go directly to the link if you want to see some great photos!!!!

Most Complete Guide to St. John Festival, Ever!
Posted June 18, 2017 by Vernon Araujo

St. Thomas Tax Beneficiary Lays off 60

One of St. Thomas’s most visible tax beneficiaries has given the pink slip to 60 employees, or roughly a third of its workforce.

A new record for home prices—but fewer owners to benefit

The housing bust is officially over, 10 years after it started. But like much else in the economy, the real-estate recovery has benefitted the wealthy more than others, with many ordinary folks still falling behind.

US homes sales improved in June, best pace since early 2007

Americans bought more homes in June, the fourth straight monthly gain as the sales rate reached its highest level in more than nine years.