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St. Thomas Real Solutions Real Estate Agents Virgin Islands

Real Solutions Real Estate and Management Services is a specialty real estate services group owned and operated by Cara Jo Hinton and Kirk R. Boeger in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Our other star agents are Christine Belmonte, Leigh Ann Blankenhorn and Margo Lynch.

We primarily work in two areas of real estate: sales/brokerage and long term rentals. Our work in sales/brokerage covers all types, from homes and condos to land and commercial. Our work in long term rentals is primarily one year leases, but can be a shorter time period as well.

Business is not just about selling a home or helping somebody buy a home. It isn't about finding the right long term rental for a customer. It is about building relationships and helping people get what they want. We realize this at Real Solutions and strive to make all our customers and clients happy. We work with people for years, get to know them as people, learn what makes them tick. Most importantly, really learn what we can do to help them with all of their real estate and island needs.

We stand out against our competitors not only because we understand the service end of the equation, but also because we work as a team. Our past experiences have given us the knowledge and desire to serve our clients and customers to suit their individual needs. Our agents do not compete with each other like you often see at other firms- we all work together to make the customer or client happy.

We also understand that the purchase of real estate in the Virgin Islands is a huge life changing decision, and we are here to help you with your transition. Working with us is a very personal experience, as we consider ourselves "ambassadors" of the island. We want you to love the islands just as we do and are willing to spend the time and effort to introduce you to the wonderful qualities of life that exist here.

So if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cara Hinton
Cara Jo Hinton

Cara Hinton has been involved in real estate since she moved to St. Thomas in 1997 and has been a Broker for over 15 years. She has experience with listing and selling residential, commercial and investment properties. Cara has worked with locals, those purchasing in the VI for an investment as well as EDC beneficiaries and loves helping people find the right home for them. St. Thomas is unique in that no two homes are alike, so finding the right fit can often take time and patience. Cara has a strong love for the VI and real estate, and enjoys working with both buyers and sellers to come to the right balance for all parties.

Kirk Boeger

Kirk Boeger was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri. After graduating with a BA in psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1991 (GO BUFFS), he moved to the island of St John, and the Virgin Islands has been his home ever since.

The first ten years of Kirk's time in the VIrgin Islands was spent in the hospitality industry, primarily working on boats/yachts, as well as in the restaurant business. In 2002 he started working for a business management consulting company as the COO, and moved to St Thomas in 2004. This position gave him vast experience running a large office with numerous employees, and also gave him years of experience with the USVI EDC program and their compliance. In 2008, Kirk (along with Cara Hinton) started Real Solutions Real Estate and Management Services, and it became his full time work. Though it started with a focus upon property management, long term rentals, and vacation rentals, sales/brokerage has become the primary focus of the business. His specialty fields are luxury homes and investment properties, though he works in all aspects of real estate.

When not working, Kirk likes to spend time at his home in Las Vegas or at his property in Driggs, Idaho. Free time is spent with his dogs Scrappy and Piper, hiking, running, swimming, snorkeling, boating and playing cards.

Margo Lynch
Margo Lynch

Margo has lived on St Thomas for fifteen years. Though she is relatively new in Real Estate, she is extremely well connected and involved with the island community and has extensive knowledge about island properties. She also works as a teacher at Antilles School and serves as Commodore of the St Thomas Yacht Club. She would love to work with you towards an island purchase or listing your home.

Leigh Ann Blankenhorn
Leigh Ann Blankenhorn

A resident of the Virgin Islands for over 15 years, Leigh Ann is fully involved with her island community, where she and her husband have found success in the region’s burgeoning yachting industry. An entrepreneur, full-time mother and part-time photographer, Leigh Ann combines her many talents with her southern charm to make lasting connections with the people around her. Her devotion to creating strong business relationships is only equaled by her passion for design and aesthetics, all while balancing work and spending time with her husband, dog and two young children.

Christine Belmonte
Christine Belmonte

Christine was born in St. Thomas but grew up in Miami, FL and attended Florida International University. She is also a native Spanish speaker and the only bilingual realtor in the Real Solutions Real Estate office.
When she is not busy with Real Estate, she spends her time chasing her young child Sawyer, kiteboarding and traveling.