St. Thomas / Virgin Islands Blog Posts

Don't forget, Donkey Hill is closed !! They are repaving the road (thank God). Nice that the Govt waited until school started to do this, gotta love the planning that goes into these things.

I believe most everyone loves this time of year. Parents have less focus on keeping their children busy during the day. The kids have hope for a great year with old friends, new friends, new teachers, and lots of fun.

Mosquitos have been bad lately. Never a happy moment when the mosquitos are out, but it does happen. No coincidence they arrive shortly after some heavy rains, and we had our share of rainfall recently.

I get a lot of inquiries from buyers interested in the purchase of a vacation rental condominium for the purpose of income generation, along with personal usage.

For a while, I was doing OK about writing blogs. It wasn't perfectly consistent, but I didn't let really long periods of time go by without writing. That is until this blog right here, the first I have written in quite some time. Why is this?