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Great New Residents

So we live on a small island. You get to know a lot of people. I want to say everyone, but that is an exaggeration. But you really do get to know "everyone" once you have been here long enough.

What is Happening with St. Thomas Real Estate ??

St. Thomas Real Estate

So, what is going on with St. Thomas Real Estate right now? The answer is a lot. Things seem to have picked up considerably. The question is, what is causing this change for the better?

Animal Care in the Islands

I am sitting at home this morning writing this blog, wasting a little time before I take my precious little doggie Shadow to the vet. She has always had a hip problem, common for shepherds, but had also torn her ACL.


Had the pleasure of joining some friends for a sail yesterday.

Current Real Estate Market in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Opinions may vary on the St. Thomas Virgin Islands real estate market right now, but I figure my opinion carries more weight than the average persons. I live it each and every day. And you know what? I like what I see.