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Football is back, and the bars are busy

Football is back, and the bars are busy. I can't imagine how many more chicken wings are sold at this time of the year, but it must be a substantial difference. And the sports bars are loving it as much as the people that watch football.

Happy Anniversary Marilyn

September 15, 1995, dates a memorable day for the Virgin Islands. Hurricane Marilyn ripped thru the territory as a catastrophic hurricane. To say that it changed some lives in an understatement.


You may have seen this article from St.

The Butthead Rental Prospect

Buttheads are everywhere, even in the Virgin Islands. Or should I say especially in the Virgin Islands? Let's just stick with the fact that they are everywhere.

Hotel Tax in the Virgin Islands

I was lucky enough to be able to testify at the Virgin Islands Legislature's Economic Forum, specifically with regard to Hotel Tax.