The Nicest of Nice

St. Thomas Real Estate

Let's just pretend we won the most recent Powerball. Somewhere around $400M. Hell, let's just say it is ONLY $100M. What would you do?

My brain argues with itself all the time about this. And it always comes down to two homes:

Estate Sherpenjewel and Point of View. These have been the top choices from the moment I saw the two homes for the first time. It was love at first sight, and that love is as strong as ever.

Sherpenjewel has a huge amount of acreage from an island perspective (over 4 acres), great privacy, and is the best kept home I have ever seen. Point of View is just a special place, on over two acres of waterfront at the tip of Water Point. Easy access into the water.

These are the nicest of nice. And absolute must see homes for the high end buyer.