Air Conditioning

Many of you will be surprised to know that we have lived without AC for many years. In the tropics? Are you insane? The answers are yes, in the tropics, and I refuse to answer the other question, you can make your own judgment on that. There is something about a nice breeze blowing thru the home that makes us happy. We love the doors and windows open. Don't even use screens very often (don't even start on the Zika thing, as I think my blood kills mosquitos).


We just installed some new AC units at our home. We got two split units, one for the Master and the other for the Living Room / Kitchen. Worked with IMPORT SUPPLY (these guys are equally awesome for generators). Very reasonably priced.

So the first weekend, we closed all the doors and windows, cranked up the AC, and froze ourselves to death. Somehow I survived and stayed warm enough to wake up. It sure was different, I'll tell you that. Most notable was how quiet these units are- especially compared to the large fans we usually have blowing air around the house. And we thoroughly enjoyed it too. But since that time, we have ceased using the AC units, and are back to open doors and windows. And you know what? Winter seems to have arrived, it has been freezing!!

Now we look at having just purchased new AC systems, and we likely won't need to use them again until May at earliest.

We are still happy with our decision.....