Some Sad Times in St. Thomas

No, I am not referring to the election, even if the title is appropriate for many of the islands residents. I am referring to a couple of local contractors with whom we have been very close over many many years having passed away or being very sick.

BUGABOO BRETT has been our primary choice of exterminators for over ten years. We absolutely love him both professionally and personally. A great person, and a great worker. Brett was checked into the St. Thomas Hospital about two weeks ago, and has since been flown up to Florida for some more specialized treatment. He is consious at times, and we still have high hopes for a full recovery. But things are not looking great, he has had blood clots in both his brain and lungs, and has some sort of infection in his body as well. Please keep Brett and his friends/family in your thoughts.

DANA HENDRICKS from Genuine Appliances has been our primary appliance maintenance contact as well. He could not have been a nicer person. Yet he died very suddenly last week. It leaves a void in our lives, and I am not just referring to the work side of things. We loved seeing Dana on a regular basis and he will be missed.

One things a lot of people may not realize is how close some relationships get over long periods of time working together. We consider both of these people like family. They are very dear to us. And this is a very sad time.