St. Thomas Property Management Services Hurricane Preparedness

Getting a home ready for hurricane season is no easy task. It would be an especially daunting task if it wasn't for Real Solutions. We are able to secure your home as best as possible in the event of a hurricane scare. If your home does not yet have the proper shutters, we can arrange to have hurricane shutters properly installed. We can disconnect water fill to your cistern to protect your fresh water supply or have the home outfitted to be able to do so.

We can also arrange to stock your home with preparatory hurricane supplies such as water, flashlights, batteries, and food that will not spoil. Make sure the generator has ample fuel, as does your vehicle.

Lastly, if the home is occupied by renters, we are able to communicate such weather dangers to the tenants, update them on the preparation process, and assure they understand the safety measures they should take.

Obviously a hurricane can be a worrisome event, but by utilizing the proper precautions and using past experiences at doing so, Real Solutions can help you and your home to ride out the storm.

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