New Years Eve in the Virgin Islands

New Year's Eve in the Virgin Islands. I get asked by a lot of guests about what to do. Well, I must be getting old, because I don't really even think about it anymore. Rookie Night Out just isn't as appealing as it used to be (though I admit I have been out late every year since I could walk).

Number one answer: Jost Van Dyke. if you have never been, it is an experience you will not forget. Thousands of people partying on a beach in the BVI, with lots of live music and tons of booze. The stories I remember could only be beat by those I have conveniently forgotten. Let's just say it isn't all that fun waking up with your tongue in the sand. Or naked in a dinghy tied behind a sailboat that doesn't belong to you while the sun beats down on areas it usually doesn't see. But for the adventurous party people, this is the no-brainer number on choice.

There are many other parties going on, but as I said, I don't really keep up with the public parties. The new restaurant at Secret Harbor should be pretty good, and they are offering some drink deals and a midnight champagne toast. Many other restaurants are doing a fixed menu. I have enjoyed several NYE at Romano's and Craig and Sallys in the past. And last year was Old Stone Farmhouse. Then off to the "local" parties- hopefully you are invited to one of the large estates on the island that have hosted something festive in recent years.

But we may try something different this year. Joining friends on St. John during the daytime, and hitting the beaches. Coming back on one of the last barges to St. Thomas, then chilling at home for the evening. I don't even remember EVER not going out on NYE, so this would be a first if I am successful. But one thing I know- if I don't go out late, I will not have to worry about the drunk driving. It is my biggest fear for Rookie Night Out.

Anyway you choose to spend the last night of the year, I hope you enjoy it, and most importantly, be safe and wary of those that are not as careful.

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